About The Project

SHEnlightens: A Women’s Collaboration Art Project, founded by Amanda L. Gamble, celebrates and honors vital, progressive female contributors to society with our collection of portrait art. This is an intimate experience focusing on women’s intellectual role and identity today, while showcasing skilled female artists from Tacoma and the surrounding area. Our purpose is to raise awareness about inspirational female role models past and present, known and unknown.

ABOUT the creator and founder:  Amanda L. Gamble is an artist and designer who comes from a lineage of painters, seamstresses, carpenters, farmers, even mathematicians! Born hearing-impaired, Amanda overcame numerous obstacles to succeed in a mainstream hearing world. Rigorous speech and language programs began at 3 years of age and continued throughout her academic years.

Amanda often used her free time, in her youth, to sketch fashion wardrobes and free-hand draw cartoons by eye. In high school, an opportunity to be part of the independent study program for jewelry design steered her into the fine art gallery world. Shortly after, Amanda’s career entered the luxury goods industry.

For more than 18 years Amanda’s experience grew to include inventory, operations, communications and marketing management. Presently, her many talents are integrated into digital and physical projects ranging from: paintings, illustrations, jewelry, and photography to websites, social media and branded marketing collateral.

The decision to focus on creative endeavors is not made hastily. Being an artist who works in various mediums stems from love and vulnerability. Art is therapeutic in its colors, textures, energies, and tactile sensations. It broadcasts a truth from a deep core.

Because hearing has always been subdued, her vision became acute. Amanda is a keen observer of environmental qualities often overlooked in everyday life. With an imaginative and visionary mind, Amanda uses an intuitive approach in her pieces.

Featured Artists

Top Row: Abrian Curington | Amanda L. Gamble, Founder | A.E. Clay | Ann Vargas | Ashley Zuckerburg  | Cathie ‘Aspen’ Stone | Candis Ladenburg | Carolyn Osborne 

Second Row: Celeste Ballentyne | Harlie Carter | Kathryn (KaCe) Whitacre | Kami Hyunh | Kristen Hernandez | Linda DeSantis | Liz Keller | Marci Rasmussen 

Third Row: Maureen McHugh | Nadine Hamil | Sacreah Becerra | Sara Fahlbeck | Sarah Gil | Valerie Rosen | Yazmin Tellier    

SHEnlightens Show Schedule 2020

Winter 2020 – SHEnlightens is on view in Tacoma Art Museum’s TAM Local: Community Art Space from January 11, 2020 to March 26, 2020. This exhibit features twenty-two artists.

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 13th | 5:00 – 7:30 p.m. | Located in the art classroom on the third floor, Gottfried and Mary Fuchs Foundation Education Wing.

Cancelled | Closing Reception: Thursday, March 19th | 5:00 – 7:30 p.m. | Located in the art classroom on the third floor, Gottfried and Mary Fuchs Foundation Education Wing.

Returning exhibit at the YWCA Pierce County 2020

Winter/Spring and Summer/Fall 2020 – SHEnlightens is excited to announce that we are a returning exhibit in Sunshine Hall at the YWCA Pierce County for two rotations! Save the date as new artists and works will be introduced.

Cancelled | Winter/Spring Reception: Sunday, April 26th | 12 – 2:00 p.m. | Located in Sunshine Hall at the YWCA.

Past Shows:

A Local Adventure

Fall 2019 – We were excited to partner with local women-owned businesses and the Tacoma Rainbow Center to display art from our collection this past fall. The local adventure consisted of picking up a map from any one of these spots to begin a quest! The objective was to collect at least 12 stickers from these 16 locations at an enjoyable pace while learning about inspirational women and the artists. After collecting 12 stickers individuals entered their sheet for a chance to win a portrait art starter kit!  


2019 | SHEnlightens debut at the YWCA Pierce County

Winter through end of summer 2019 – SHEnlightens was displayed in Sunshine Hall at the YWCA Pierce County from February through August 2019. The exhibit featured 18 artists in the hall.